NLP 國際身心語言程式學導師課程


NLP Trainer Course



This Training opportunity is for you if –


  • You want to develop a robust confidence in presenting and training
  • You want to be able to stand up and speak persuasively in front of groups
  • You want to train the cutting-edge models in Neuro-Semantics and NLP
  • You want to model and become the very best Trainer you can become
  • You want to actualize your potentials as a professional communicator
  • You are ready to step up to the leadership challenge in Neuro-Semantics
  • You want to create or expand your career as a Trainer
  • You want to unleash your full potentials as a trainer and leader

What makes Neuro-Semantic Trainers Training so special and unique?

Without question, there’s no training of trainers in the field of NLP like the Neuro-Semantic Trainers Training. It stands out head-and-showers above the rest for several reasons:


  • Neuro-Semantics has and continues to take NLP to a new level of professionalism in models and ethics. It does this via the use of the Meta-States model that models the special kind of human consciousness—self-reflexive consciousness. This has enabled Neuro-Semantics to model and replicate more complex experiences and states.
  • Because Meta-States is a model of reflexivity, apply to self is built into the model thereby enabling Neuro-Semanticists to integrate the premises and practices of NLP more fully into ourselves. This creates more congruency and personal integrity.
  • Neuro-Semantics involves many new models beyond Meta-States: Frame Games, Matrix Model, Axes of Change, Self-Actualization Quadrants, Meta-Performance, etc.
  • Neuro-Semantics not only involves some new models, but also a community that provides ongoing support for trainers and coaches. As such, the ISNS—International Society of Neuro-Semantics provides international credibility and community.
  • As a certified Neuro-Semantic and NLP Trainer, you will be listed on the international website, have access to dozens of Training Manuals, promotional materials, be invited to a special egroup just for Trainers, and much more.


NLP Trainer Course

NSTT Contains Four Trainings

1) Meta-APG insights.

As a Neuro-Semantic Trainer, you wil be licensed to train and certify APG (Accessing Personal Genius, also titled, Coaching Genius or Self-Leadership). To support this, The Psychology of APG is designed to give you the background understanding for waht the patterns are designed to do, how to think about the patterns and how to use the patterns with more depth in your own understanding of the psychology within the patterns. Via The Psychology of APG you will also be more equipped as you do your presentations in NSTT.2Platform Skills training.

We begin by training you to become a skilled and effective presenter. These five day introduce the key specific skills that empowers every effective public speaker. We have benchmarked these skills so that you will be able to identify where you are on the scale of competency and what are the skills to add, or subtract, to take one to the next level. These are the skills that make you an engaging speaker who can command the stage and work with an audience.3Training Skills training.

Then there are three days of skills that make you effectively competent in training. Training skills differ significantly from presentation skills. These skills enable you to work effectively with adult learners enabling them to gain the theoretical knowledge necessary for the how-to knowledge of implementation. Many public speakers are charismatic, even magical, but cannot transfer data so that it actually in-forms the minds, hearts, and actions of people. That’s what a Neuro-Semantic Trainer does!4) Business Skills.

Trainers are in business, publically and privately within various companies and corporations, and so need business and entrepreneur skills for running a training business, administrating it, marketing, selling, etc. Three days are devoted to empowering Trainers in the ins-and-outs of the Training business and especially in the business of Neuro-Semantics. 

Benchmarked Presentations

As a participant in the NSTT training, you will be asked to make four presentations and to be benchmarked on your Presentation and Training skills as well as your content knowledge of Neuro-Semantics and NLP.

There will be one presentation of the content of one of the APG patterns. There will be a demonstration of the pattern, an entertaining of questions, and a hypnotic induction.

These will be evaluated and benchmarked by the Trainers and a 2.5 on the 0-to-5 benchmark scale will have to be reached in order to be certified. Those who do not reach competency level will be given specific feedback and action tasks in order to get up to competency. In this, you cannot “fail,” you can only have to take longer in your learning and development as a trainer and presenter.



When you met the benchmarked competencies of the Training, you will be able to graduate and receive the Credentials as Neuro-Semantic and NLP Trainer under the auspices of the International Society of Neuro-Semantics. We have structured the ISNS with a board of trainers who protect the vision and ethics. These Neuro-Semantic Guardians also function as a board of examiners in case any complaints come against you. You will be signing an Agreement as a Licensed Trainer and a Conflict Resolution Agreement. All of this is part of the apply to self principle and a reflection of the Professionalism that we are committed to demonstrate.Neuro Semantics & NLP Trainer

The Three Levels for registered Neuro-Semantic Trainers

As part of the ISNS, there is an annual fee depending on your level. Year one is provided for you. These are listed on the website under Trainers.

1) Trainers with Institutes.

As a Certified Trainer you have the right to create an Institute or Center of Neuro-Semantics.2) Trainers who Certify with ISNS Certificates.

You also have the right to train and certify participants, giving out ISNS Certificates which are honored internationally.3) Trainers who do not certify.

If you work within an organization where it is the training content, not the certification that’s needed or desired, you will be training the materials, adapting them as needed, but not giving ISNS Certificates. 

Gateway Trainings


  • As a Certified Neuro-Semantic Trainer you also have access to a great many of the Gateway Trainings. There are now over three-dozen such trainings. Any training that you have experienced, you have the right to train and certify. And if you have specialized training and knowledge in a given area (finances, wealth, fitness, etc.), you may be exempt from having to experience the training as you consult with Dr. Hall. With the Gateway Trainings, you have access to the training manuals, promotions, and so on.
  • The Gateway trainings include: Games Great Sales People Play, Wealthy People play, Slim and Fit People Play, Great Lovers, etc. It includes Living Genius, the Stroke of Genius series: reframing genius (Mind-Lines), perceptual genius (Meta-Programs), business genius, and many, many more.


Benefits and Values of Neuro-Semantic Trainers Training


  • Access your best states for becoming an engaging and charismatic presenter
  • Learn to step in and out of your Genius Trainer State
  • Learn to exquisitely use your voice, body, and space on stage
  • Access and operate from the un-insultability state
  • Discover how to texture your presentation state with humor, charm, persuasiveness and other specific resources
  • Recognize and pace the learning styles (and meta-programs) in your audience
  • Learn the art of training design and sequencing
  • Practice handling “difficult people” (hecklers) in a speaking or training context
  • Become a part of the International Neuro-Semantic community
  • Model key master trainers in Neuro-Semantics
  • Receive personal attention from the developer and founder, L. Michael Hall
  • Be benchmarked on your skills in order to actualize your competencies
  • Receive an international certification and be commissioned to teach and certify NLP Prac. and Master Prac., APG and other Neuro-Semantic Trainings
  • Become a part of an international community
  • Discover how to meta-state yourself as a presenter and trainer with all of the resources you’ll need for creating a successful business


How to Prepare for this Trainer Boot-Camp

We have designed the days of NSTT to be packed with learnings and activities and we have made the days intense. The design is to put each participant under pressure to not only see how you handle stress, but to empower you in handling stress—to meta-state yourself under pressure. With the benchmarking, the testing of content knowledge, the demand of four presentations, the content of four trainings (presentation, training, meta-APG, and business skills), meeting and working with those who will be your colleagues in teams — NSTT is a very intense experience.

What can you do to get ready for it? Study some introductions to NLP to refresh and renew your knowledge of NLP. Study and practice the basic Meta-States model whether by book (Secrets of Personal Mastery, Meta-States, Dragon Slaying, etc.) or by video, DVD, audio. Find a partner and go through various patterns. Join or create a Practice Group. Find someone to teach NLP and Meta-States to.

Course Founder: Dr. Michael L. Hall

L. Michael, with his doctorate in the Cognitive-Behavioral sciences, is a psychologist who is continuing the modeling of self-actualization that Abraham Maslow began. Beginning with his work in Cognitive Psychology, he discovered the field of NLP and worked for a while with the genius behind the NLP model. Then modeling resilience, he discovered the Meta-States model that became the most significant contribution to NLP in the 1990s. That led to the creation of the field of Neuro-Semantics and later, the creation of the International Society of Neuro-Semantics. Since the early 1990s, he has modeled leadership, learning, selling, wealth creation, and then coaching.

Today Michael is a visionary leader in the field of Neuro-Semantics and Self-Actualization Psychology in the world. He works as an entrepreneur, researcher and international trainer. He has been teaching tens of thousands of people all over the world. And he practices what he teaches through his way of living. He has been publishing over 40 books, and his schedule of seminars and lectures is constantly filled for next 1 to 2 years. Evidently, he is actively and successfully on the top of the field of personal development.

講師: Dr L Michael Hall

  • 於1995年被 The International NLP Trainer’s Association 定為 於NLP界最具影響及重要的貢獻的人
  • The Society of Neuro- Semantics 創始人

Testimonials From 2010 NSTT Graduate in Hong Kong

“You’ll get knowledge‚ skills and experience more than you expected! I’d definitely recommend this to any future trainer, presenter, and anybody having passion in contributing to the human development field.”
— Fatimah ISA, Trainer, Dubai

“It really brought me to a higher level of NLP.”
— Eric Leung, Lectureer, Hong Kong University, Hong Kong

“I’m inspired by the vision, passion and wisdom of Michael. It changed my impression of NLP and would like to do somethings similar in China.”
— Agnes Hsia, Corporate Consultant, Shanghai

“Transformational and generative meaning, taking one to the level of personal excellence and actualization. Neuro–Semantics NLP Trainings are highly valuable to people working in helping and health–care professions.”
— Dr. Paul Chan, Medical Officer of Hospital Authority, HKSAR

“I was looking for some trainings in the past few years to improve my presentation skills and this is just the one makes the miracle happen!!”
— Leo Yeung, Director, Asia Pacific

“If you are interested to take your training skills and states to the next level and apply it prominently into you neurology, this is it. Don’t attempt if you still like to stay stuck in your old patterns. Attend this training can cause ˜Explosive˜ transformation in you.”
 Conrad Rozan’o, Trainer, Indonesia

“This is one of the most impactful trainings in my life. I have participated in so many trainings from the top trainers in the world, but non of them is even close! Michael’s performance, knowledge, enery and passion are absolutely unique experience.”
 Mustafa M. EL–Marsy, Trainer, Egypt

“NSTT 課程不單有助於教學培訓,更將我的演說技巧、狀態管理、溝通技巧,提升至一個全新的層次,令不是培訓師的自己,在面對客戶時,更加得心應手,將來更多了一個事業上的選擇。”
— Ivan, 業務經理, Hong Kong

Applicant should be

  1. NLP Practitioner
  2. Master NLP Practitioner

And Hoder of Coaching Genius Certification


由美國Neuro-Semantic Trainers 頒授證書,保證百份百由 Dr Michael L Hall 親自主教。
要成為國際認可的NLP發證導師,未必需要遠赴美加。Dr. Michael L Hall 親臨香港教授,14天駐港的課程,讓你輕鬆地獲取NLP專業資格。


  1. 獲取國際認授的專業資格
    ISNS (The International Society of Neuro-Semantics) 是美國公認的NLP學會。完成課程及通過考核的學員,將晉身成為一位國際NLP發證導師,親自頒發ISNS ( The International Society of Neuro-Semantics) 的國際證書。
  2. 課程百份百直接由 Dr. Michael L. Hall 親自任教
    Dr. Michael – 認知行為理學博士和心理學家,他持續研究及模仿馬思洛 Abraham Maslow 的自我實現理論。並把NLP釋放人類內藏的天才狀態的技術加以發展,其中的 [跨越狀態模式Meta-State Model] 更被公認為NLP界最有意義的貢獻。其後Dr. Michael 更創立 The International Society of Neuro-Semantics。 為NLP的學說訂下更深的基礎。
    Dr Michael 注重實踐,將所教所學融入生活中,其著作超過40本。其世界性巡迴講座和課程安排己跨越未來兩年,是一位世界級,活躍和頂尖的人類發展潛能專家。
  3. 學習NLP的精華
    Michael 一直醉心鑽研NLP,改革NLP而成的 [跨越狀態模式Meta-State Model], 1990年被公認為在NLP界最有意義的貢獻。 Neuro-Semantics 的架構都是建基在把NLP推向更深層和更容易掌握的學說中。因此,這個發證導師的課程上,學員將能涉獵的範疇都是NLP 精髓,為你成為頂尖導師打下良好的基礎。
  4. NS Master NLP的學員,額外符合頒發 3 個發證課程的資格
    經本會修讀Master NLP 的學員,完成NSTT發證導師課程而合資格後,將獲取資格多頒發3個發證課程 (Self-Actualizing , Coaching Genesis及Coaching Essential ),大大豐富了你的教學事業。
    **Self –Actualizing, Coaching Genesis二科均是本院 Master NLP Practitioner Course的必修科目,Coaching Essential 是我們NLP Practitioner 的必修科目**
  5. 體貼你的課程時間安排
  6. 完善的支援平台
    凡參與課程的學員,將同時獲取ISNS 的會員資格。會員可以透過互聯網獲取資訊,助你緊貼市場狀況。當然,最難得的是,你可以透過這平台與我們經驗豐富的導師、教練等相互切磋,交換教學心得。
  7. 最具成本效益的課程
    以往,學員要進修導師課程,必須遠赴美加,所需付出的時間和金錢相對地較高昂。現在,你可以節省機票住宿等開支,在本土熟悉的環境,追隨一位世界級導師的教學, 以最低的成本,獲取國際級的專業資格。
  8. 成為國際級導師的踏台
    NS 的導師,可以申請成為 Dr Michael 的助教,有機會跟從Dr. Michael 巡迴教學,認識不同國家的文化,?對是充實自己教學經驗的難得機會。
  9. 靈活進修